Hello Fashion Diggers,

I just wanted to give a shout out to Ellen Christine, owner of FashionDig shop Ellen Christine Eclectic for her feature in the March 30 issue of The New York Times titled “Keeping Heads from Going Naked” .

Congratulations Ellen! You make us proud!!

We are excited that VISA is featuring FashionDig in its latest ad campaign. Just visit http://www.visa.com/go and select Go Explore at the bottom of the page. You wind up on a page that looks somewhat like a visual highway passing billboards that call out favorite sites to see, places to go, or things to do. Ours is the one that says “Find New Vintage Clothing”. Very cool — We love it!

Hello Fashion Diggers,

We are excited to announce that we have lowered our rates to sell on FashionDig.

We have reduced the Commission Rate to just 10% of net sales.

And Shop Subscription Fees now start at just $9.95 monthly for the Standard Plan.

Note that all of our plans include the listing of an unlimited number of items, hosting of all images, no additional picture fees, no per-item listing or insertion fees of any kind, and no required advertising fee. I think you can compare our offering to any option available and find that our rates and features are the most attractive and competitively priced.

For details of all Shop Subscription plans offered please visit the following link:


Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

Hello FashionDiggers,

We have been providing current FashionDig shops a 1-month extension on their shop subscription when they refer a new shop that signs up to sell on FashionDig.

This will now change to equal a portion of the new shops sales commissions during the new shops first 3 months on the site. We will pay the referring shop 50% of the net commissions earned during the first three payout cycles.

We feel the new incentive will encourage all our shops to refer high quality sites that will help improve our overall selection for the customer.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

Hello Fashion Diggers,

Beginning with orders place on January 19, 2009, FashionDig shops will be shipping most orders directly to customers rather than to the fulfillment center.  This should allow orders to reach customers in a much quicker manner since the extra step of shipping to the fulfillment center has been removed.

The only exception to this is on orders with multiple items from more than one shop going to International destinations. Due to the high cost of shipping overseas we will continue to consolidate these orders at the fulfillment center prior to shipping to the customer.

As a response to these changes, as well as rising shipping costs, we have adjusted our shipping rates. Rather than having a flat rate shipping charge for each order we have had to add an additional per item charge since a single order with multiple items from different shops will now require shipping from multiple locations.

We will be making further changes to the shipping process where individual shops will be setting their own shipping rates but for now we are still collecting a uniform sitewide shipping rate.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

Progress of Updates

Hello Fashion Diggers,

I apologize for the lack of recent posts but the move to a new server a couple weeks ago has taken up much of my time.

Also, I have decided to go ahead and launch the changes that have been completed as soon as possible rather than waiting to release all the changes in January. I am in the process of testing these changes now so I hope to have these ready to launch within 1-2 weeks,

The changes that you will see first relate to an improved inquiry process and the ability to track inquiries and orders via a login in My FashionDig.

After these have been posted we will get to work on all the checkout and shop control panel changes.

Talk Soon,


Server Maintenance


Just a short note to let everyone know we have been busy preparing the site for a move to a new server that will accomodate the new changes we will be launching next month.

The move should occur later this week and the site may be down for a short period of time.

After that has been completed I will have more time to post some updated info in the blog.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant


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