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Server Maintenance


Just a short note to let everyone know we have been busy preparing the site for a move to a new server that will accomodate the new changes we will be launching next month.

The move should occur later this week and the site may be down for a short period of time.

After that has been completed I will have more time to post some updated info in the blog.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant


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Update on the Update

Hello Fashion Diggers,

The programming is going slower than expected so it looks like my mid-November guestimate is probably going to be more accurate than the end of October target that I had initially hoped for. I have always heard to double the time that the programmers estimate and that seems to hold true in most cases – sort of like building a house… you know it’s going to go over budget and take twice as long as you expect.

Here are the features that they have been working on and are nearly completed with – but do keep in mind none of this will be rolled out until it is all completed since many pieces depend on others before they will function properly.

My FashionDig login – will allow site visitors to store and update shipping and billing info, view current and past orders and as well as tracking info, view answers to any inquiries they have placed and place follow up.

Customer Inquiries – improvements as indicated previously

After this weekend they should begin working on the functions that affect the shops and checkout.

I’ll release more details of other expected features in the next post.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

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