Hello Fashion Diggers,

The programming is going slower than expected so it looks like my mid-November guestimate is probably going to be more accurate than the end of October target that I had initially hoped for. I have always heard to double the time that the programmers estimate and that seems to hold true in most cases – sort of like building a house… you know it’s going to go over budget and take twice as long as you expect.

Here are the features that they have been working on and are nearly completed with – but do keep in mind none of this will be rolled out until it is all completed since many pieces depend on others before they will function properly.

My FashionDig login – will allow site visitors to store and update shipping and billing info, view current and past orders and as well as tracking info, view answers to any inquiries they have placed and place follow up.

Customer Inquiries – improvements as indicated previously

After this weekend they should begin working on the functions that affect the shops and checkout.

I’ll release more details of other expected features in the next post.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant


Hello Fashion Diggers,

As a follow up to Friday’s post I want to talk about some of the biggest changes we will be making with the new site… changes that will affect the way that orders are currently processed and fulfilled.

As most of you know FashionDig is a cooperative of independent vintage clothing dealers that are located all over the U.S. When an order is placed presently individual shops ship sold items to our fulfillment center where we consolidate all orders and ship them out to the customers. This is how we are able to offer a set shipping price on all orders… and why we have specific sales and payment policies for all shops.

There are benefits to the way we handle this now but this method does have significant drawbacks as well… shops have to absorb extra shipping costs into their pricing which may make items more costly in some cases. As a result returns to FashionDig at present incur a restocking fee which we split with the individual shops to help pay for these extra shipping costs. (Shop to fulfillment center, fulfillment center to customer, and in the case of returns fulfillment center back to shops.) Also, we are not able to offer expedited shipping because of the additional step of shipping to the fulfillment center.

After the first batch of changes are launched in several weeks, sales on the site will be handled directly with the individual shop. Each shop will be able to post it’s own sales and return policies, set it’s own shipping costs and acccepted forms of payment, and ship items directly to the customer.

Since we are cutting unnecessary layers of administration shops should be able to offer better pricing on many items and will be able to eliminate the restocking fees. They will also be able to accept checks, money orders, and Paypal if they like in addition to credit cards. Also, they will be able to offer expedited shipping if they choose to do so. And shipping costs can be based on each item so light or small items may cost the customer less in shipping.

Additionally, we will be able to accept International shops… something that would not be possible under the present setup with the way order fulfillment currently works.

In lieu of the changes we are making we will be lowering commission rates and shop subscription fees that we now charge our shops.

Overall, we think the changes will greatly benefit the customer as well as the individual shop on FashionDig.

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving comments to this post.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

Hello Fashion Diggers,

This post will mainly interest current and prospective shops. I want to mention (without getting too technical hopefully) some of the changes and features sellers on FashionDig can expect to see once the PHASE I updates are completed.

Currently our shops select from a pre-defined list of item attributes for each item that they add into their shop. This is what enables our advanced search, the FashionDig Look Finder, to function properly. We will be converting this attribute list – which is currently lengthy and time consuming to use – to a simpler text box where shops can enter “tags”, or keywords, of their choice that define the item. This will help to streamline the listing process for shops. Also, we will then be able to eliminate the advanced search (Look Finder) as these tags will be searchable through a newly design and simplified search function for customers.

We are also changing up the way item inquiries are handled. The customer will still submit an inquiry from the item detail page as they currently do… and shops will respond to inquiries as they do now. But, rather than customers simply receiving an email reply we will also enable customers and shops to follow the inquiry online and submit follow up questions, attach images to questions or replies etc… this will make for a more conversational format.

Shops will now have the ability to reactivate items more easily in their control panel when an item is returned or when an order is cancelled. At present this is not so easily accomplished and shops sometimes have to relist items from scratch so I believe this will be a welcomed change.

Lastly, when a shop is created rather than having a link that is your standard fashiondig.com link followed by a shop ID number each shop will get a unique link such as shopname.fashiondig.com. This will make it much easier to promote your shop and also will make it more likely that your FashionDig shop will appear in search engine results if someone searches for your shop name. Don’t worry though, the current shop links will still work and customers will be simply directed to the new location.

OK enough for today… to recap, item attributes (tags), inquiries, reactivating items, and shop links will all be handled in a new and better way once the new website code has been implemented.

There are also some huge changes in the way the FashionDig sales and fulfillment process works and I will go over those changes in the next day or two. I will be very interested to hear feedback on these as they will likely be the most dramatic changes that we will be making.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

Hello Fashion Diggers!

I want to provide a brief recap of the site changes that we are now working on. Many of you have begun asking and I am glad to see so many people interested in what we want to accomplish with the website. I encourage you to provide feedback and make other suggestions on this blog.

There are many areas I want to address with the new site but ultimately it breaks down into three phases. 

  1. Shopping/Checkout and Shop Control Panel Changes
  2. Implement Social Shopping Features
  3. Update Website Design

Programming will also be completed in this sequence and you can expect to see the Phase I changes live on the website by the end of October.

I know many of you are excited to see the specific changes that will be made so I’ll explain a little more about each of these phases and what changes and new functions you can expect to see in future posts.

I need to make this one short but expect to see more posted later tonight or tomorrow detailing the Phase I changes a bit more.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant

Hello Fashion Diggers,

I wanted to start a blog so that our customers and shops can follow our progress on the revamp of the FashionDig website – I like to call it FashionDig 3.0 because it will be our third major incarnation of the site since it was first launched 9 years ago. The most recent design was implemented 5 years ago so we are ready for some changes; changes that will benefit the website, our shops and most importantly our website visitors and customers.

When the site was first launched we always felt that it should be a site based on community and one where visitors to the website could shop, learn, research, and communicate with others who have a similar interest in vintage fashion.

Technology is now available that was not available – or was excessively expensive – when we launched the last version of the site so we are excited to bring new features to our audience that we know will enhance your experience on the site.

Check this blog regularly and you should see updates every few days that will outline the changes and the progress we have made on the new design… everyone loves a makeover, right?

For now, shop our current site at www.fashiondig.com and please feel free to post any suggestions that will help us to improve the site.

Talk Soon,

Barry Bryant